Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brady and Rudy visited the Vet

I took Brady and Rudy to the vet today for their first checkup since the were surrendered to me on Sat. they did really well. Rudy weighs 26.8 lbs. and Brady weighs 24.4 lbs. 
Rudy, being the older dog, has some dental issues with his teeth in the way back. heavy tarter and gum inflammation and he may need to have some teeth extracted. he also has a heart murmur. some allergy issues too. but that was about it. he is up to date on all his shots so he didn't need the titer test. stool sample was negative for worms.  he is getting neutered on Thursday.
Brady, the younger of the 2, was a little antsy but did well also. he got the titer test  done as he was due for some vaccines. he got a grade a report from the vet. he is also going to be neutered on Thursday.

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