Friday, October 18, 2013

Update on Foster Sherry

Hello everyone! Just a quick update on Sherry! She's doing we'll and loving life! I took her back to the vet yesterday and she is now on a two week antibiotic course for an infection on her lip. The vet said it's quite common. She's had this since I got her and I was cleaning it multiple times daily and using an ointment and so on and so forth and it would clear up but come back after about a week from her digging at it. As it turns out the vet believes it is due to allergies and her continually irritating that spot in specific. She she it should clear up quickly and told me to put Sherry on Benedryl to see if it helps with the allergies. She thinks its most likely due to the season and outdoors but it if continues during winter then we have to start testing for food allergies.

In other news, Sherry has lost almost two pounds!!! She looks great and has so much energy! The vet was very impressed. She now weighs in at 21.5 pounds! I've also noticed a significant difference in her skin and coat as well. She use to shed like crazy and she had very dry, flaky skin and now she's shiny and silky and hardly sheds at all. She's such a happy girl! She loves hiding and burying my other dogs toys on them :) She still does need to be separated from my resident dogs but she will often play through the gate with my Boston and lately I've witnessed a few play bows which is HUGE for her! She's good with my ten year old toy fox terrier because he couldn't be more uninterested in her so the two of them can be trusted together as long as there isn't food involved. She's only had one instance where she chased him away from her food bowl. She didn't attack him but she made it very clear to stay away from her stuff. That's all for now!

Shawna and Sherry
Cicero, NY

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