Friday, October 18, 2013

Cleo and foster sister have a Birthday Party

Can you say Pupcake?

We think Kristy is a great foster mom for baking cupcakes for her girls!  Cleo and her foster sister both had birthdays this week so she made them some dog friendly cupcakes (or pupcakes). All it takes is 1 pupcake, 2 girls who smell the pupcake and then the "chow down"!

Looks like think they enjoyed them.

Kristy writes:

"I found the recipe here:
I cut the recipe waaayyy down so that it only made 4 small ones and I stacked 2 together.
We then decorated the top with a few doggie treats and a little extra peanut butter.
Cleo ate hers like she had stolen it and we were going to take it from her while my Lucy politely nibbled hers off of her plate. They are so opposite it cracks me up!
I wish Cleo could relax around food more. She always seems to think she has to inhale everything or else some one is going to take it away."

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