Saturday, November 23, 2013

Does your Boston Lick its Siblings?

The question was recently asked, Why does my Boston always lick my other dog (s)? Here is a video from one of our members;

We thought we would share  some of the responses from our many Boston owners;

It is affection, in the same way that monkeys groom each other, licking is so with dogs. Sheryl

That's what I thought, because its usually right before bed time. I've been told to stop it but I think it's nice, especially since it took a bit for them to like each other. Thanks Sheryl! 

In the evening, Papi licks Tara's whole head and upper body so that she is soaked when she gets into our bed.  We think it's very sweet - it's like he's grooming her.Deb

Louie and Rocco lick each others whole faces but mainly ears, for a good 5 minutes! Then he licks his pee pee area which I am not sure if I should stop it. No one seems to get turned on and I just assumed it was a sign of affection. 

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