Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Special Christmas Gift

Thanks for all the good wishes for Goldie.  The biopsy showed a MAST cell tumor growing rapidly so it was a good thing we removed it.  Vet said clean  margins and we caught it  early so no need for anything further.  Her  mouth is definitely feeling better today  She gobbled up her   breakfast  and wanted to play.  Jerrilyn, I think you set me up on this one! LOL.  But I am glad you did.  I do not know who was more worried during her  surgery - me or my husband. I think he asked me every ten minutes if I had heard from the vet and then it was   how  soon can we go get her.  He even insisted on driving to the vet so I could hold her on the way home.

He was holding her later that night and looked at me and said - "you know we have to keep her".   but then he scolded me with " You can't bring home any more cute dogs!!!" She is home for the Holiday.   She is indeed my little Christmas gift.

I got this special Christmas gift yesterday when David said we would keep Goldie our tiny foster. He didn't want any more dogs but fell in love with her as I had already done. It would have broken my heart to give her up but I think he knew I needed her. I got my puppy in Chelsie and my tiny girl Goldie. Thanks your Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue for bringing Goldie into my life and thank you David for letting me keep her. Joan   Ontario NY

Oh that is WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy for you and Goldie and so happy she is home for the holidays! How truly lovely for all of you... Stacie

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