Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tucker is on Animal Planet

I adopted Tucker, a (then) 4+ year old BT from you in August of 2010. Tucker is now 8 1/2 and a very important part of our family. As you may recall, at the time, Tucker was being fostered by Amy Jansky in PA, and had a severe luxating patella, which you all had taken care of before he became a part of our home. Tucker has never had an issue with his knee since, and is quite the runner and jumper when he's chasing squirrels. Some fun news to share. A few months ago I sent a clip to a site called iBoston Terrier of Tucker shivering and chattering his teeth after coming in from going potty on one of our many super cold Winter days this year. This is something Tucker has just started doing to let me know when he's cold. You can see the clip here: Shortly after this appeared on the site, it was picked up by the Jimmy Kimmel show, Arsenio Hall and used on a Boston NBC Affiliate. Even better, two weeks later, I was contacted by Animal Planet who wanted to license it for their show "Bad Dog", where they show clips of dogs doing funny things. Well, it gets even better...after talking with show Producers about Tucker, how smart, loving and mischievous he is, they decided to do a feature story on him. We spent the entire day yesterday with the production crew and Tucker charmed them all. While there is no guarantee of what the final piece will be, I can promise you it will be hysterical and should be a rather long one (which in TV terms could mean as long as 7 minutes or as short as a few). I will be sure to keep you all informed of the air date. They allowed me to plug NEBTR and I'm hoping that part makes the final story.

Lisa DeFrees

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Shawna said...

Wow!!! So cute and so cool! Great that your chattering Tucker is now a celebrity who might do some other sweet NEBTR Bostons some good too. Hope the segment on Animal Planet is a longer one and they leave in the plug for NEBTR!!! Let us know when it will air. Is it possible Animal Planet would let us put a link to the video on our website?