Saturday, October 11, 2014

Max - One Week Adoption Update

Hello! I just wanted to give the fantastic folks at NEBTR an update on how Max is doing one week after being adopted into his forever home. 

Early last week I was contacted by Max's foster mom, Christine. I had expressed an interest in Max and we chatted it up for a few days. During that time I learned a lot about Max, including the history of his eye injury. This didn't bother me in the slightest because my first boston had a bad left eye that required the exact same medication, so I was confident I could care for him. I also learned that Max was not a snuggler, and probably would not lay on the couch with me or sleep in my bed. This devastated me... I cried as I pondered whether or not I could adopt a dog that would not snuggle with me. 

Last Friday I made the trek from Niagara Falls, NY to Shavertown, PA to meet Max and see if he was the dog for me. I gave it a lot of thought and decided that all that mattered was Max's happiness. And if he wasn't going to be sad then I couldn't be sad. If he was happy on the floor then I would be happy with that, and if the day ever came that he wanted to snuggle me then there would be a spot for him. 

Well...things have certainly taken a turn. Max was welcomed with open arms and paws as I introduced him to my family last Saturday afternoon. My two young sons love him, as well as his two furry sisters. He quickly learned the ropes and has made himself right at home. He has even become quite the snuggler after all! He loves to play with his ball, which my kids are happy to toss for him all day, but when it's time to relax he is all about it. He loves to lay next to my husband or myself on the couch, loves his scratchies on the head, and we even caught him laying on our bed yesterday! I am so glad that I gave this "non-snuggler" a chance. He has come out of his shell and is actually quite affectionate. He gave my littlest son a big lick in the face last night. 

Huge thanks to the people at NEBTR that made this possible, especially Maria, Strausie and Max's Mama Christine. We have been in contact with Mama Christine every day and send her lots of pics. She loves Max dearly, and I remind Max of that every day. Attached are some pics of Max enjoying his new home! Thanks NEBTR!! Keep doing what you do!!

Wow Max! You lucked out!!! Lucky dog, lucky family..... (uh - he looks pretty snuggly to us!)


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