Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rest in Peace Dobby

Dobby is hearing the birds sing for the very first time. His mind and body are no longer plagued by illness. His life, although short, had incredible meaning. He comforted the sick, warmed our hearts, united families, and most of all he shared a message of love. Dobby will do his work from above, while we join together here on earth to help fur pals in need. We are all Dobby's family. Let's celebrate his life and incredible spirit! Thank you for sharing his journey, you are special friends and he lubbed you all! Dobby has been loved, shared love, and has been a tremendous blessing. This tiny fragile boy has given us the gift of love. He has been an earthly angel bringing people together everywhere he goes. He will live on forever in our hearts! 

Maria Pastuszak

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