Monday, October 20, 2014

Remy Update

Foster Remy has been with us a little over 4 months now.  She is a picky eater so she has been dining on a sumptuous kibble/home cooked combo and continues to gain weight.  She started out at 12.3 lbs. and is up to 15.8 lbs. I must be a good cook!  She has also been happily destroying her way through her Hartz Dura Play toy stash that was generously bought for her and is down to her last 2 in just over a month and a half. She started out with 6 but some didn't even last a day!  Apparently if they aren't shaped like a ball, Remy is compelled to tear them apart immediately.

Earlier in the month, Remy was having a problem with her right eye (redness, cloudiness, tearing and squinting) and a visit to the ophthalmologist confirmed that her posterior lens luxation had moved to the front (anterior lens luxation) which can be quite serious. Since we opted out of an expensive risky lens surgery that would likely not benefit her in the long run, the Dr. adjusted her med schedule and sent us home in the hopes that the lens would move back into the posterior position. She had her follow-up with the ophthalmologist today.  The good news is that the lens has reverted back to the posterior position in the back of the eye where hopefully it will remain.  Pressure was also good in both eyes.  Under 20 is the norm and the left eye was 10 and the right eye was 11. The bad news is that the Dr. did not detect any vision in the eye although it is sometime hard to say since you can't get them to read an eye chart!  The Dr. did say it is possible, given some time, that she could regain some vision in the eye (she is farsighted as it is due to the lens luxation).  The med schedule has been adjusted again and we will go back for another follow-up in 2 to 3 months provided she doesn't have any problems in the interim.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Miss Remy Rue!

Eye problems or not....Remy still wants to play, play, play.  Due to her eye issues though, we've really cut back on playing with her so she has been sucking on her blanket much more than usual.  Poor girl!

I've attached two recent pics along with two pictures from earlier in the month of her enjoying the car booster seat she travels in when in the car.

Tricia (& Foster Remy)
Smithtown, NY

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