Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Goldie is Home for the Holidays

Well, I have to tell you - after I got home from the transport today and found the little peanut curled up right where I left her, and my hubby coming home a short time later and instead of asking how my day went - asked about Goldie.  I just looked at him and he said - You know she has to stay, neither one of us can give her up.  So, I just got my Christmas gift, and Goldie is home for the Holidays.  Thank you NEBTR for bringing the precious little girl into our lives.  She really fills the empty spot that I didn't even know was there.  Joan  Ontario NY

Ahhhh such sweet news!
What a wonderful Christmas gift from Santa!!!!!

Merry Christmas Goldie, and Joan!!! - Chris Cassner

Hehehehe!!  I saw this coming, Joan!!  And, I probably have the NEBTR and GFNJ/SEGA records for failing fostering!!
Goldie, happy trails you lucky little girl!!  You just hit the Doggie Powerball!
Oreland, PA

Congratulations!! That's great news!! Merry Christmas to all!!  - Jenn


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