Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chubby Says Thanks to Santa

Chubby received her Secret Santa gifts from Brooke L Nelson, Brett, and Fenny! She loved them! She immediately picked up her bag of food and tried to run away with it! She took her hide-a-way chimney toy and hid the entire thing in her bed. Thank you all so much! The food is a big help. Chubby was severely underweight 2 weeks ago when she entered foster care. With premium food she has been putting on weight and her coat is looking so healthy! Her favorite toy is very similar to the chimney hide-a-way toy. She's worn it out already. A new one was what Chubby really wanted from Santa! Thank you for your kindness and giving this pup a Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays! 🌲⛄️

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