Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flo and Clarisse Lounge in the Sun






I think Clarisse is very happy to be here.  She follows me everywhere around the house and yard, is totally crate
trained..I have never heard a peep out of her.  She is low energy and started lounging in the sun - she is starting to

She gets very excited at mealtime and is completely switched over to the raw diet now and her coat looks great.
She potties in the grass and today actually picked up Vivi's toy for the first time and ran around with it!
This is a great sign for Clarisse but I have to be very careful because Vivi does NOT share her toys.

She responds to her name pretty well now and is very curious about her environment. She will go up and sniff people but the moment you reach to pet her - she is gone in a flash. This is our big obstacle.  She seems to have no interest in the human touch, which makes putting her eye drops in very challenging. I put the drops in when she is in her crate but she still freezes upon being touched. I am hoping that with time, she will learn to trust and enjoy a caress now and then.

I can’t believe we have had her over three weeks already!
Here she is soaking in the sun today : )

Jerrilyn Walter


Way to go Clarisse, I am sure that with time she will open up to being touched and loved, she knows she is safe now.  - Brends

The human touch thing is just around the next corner, I have no doubt.  Great strides in such a short time.
Congratulations on all your hard work paying off. :) – Chris C.

From train tracks to a yard with a pool and sister; wow. Clarisse's luck has certainly changed.....
( I'm so glad you didn't give up that day....)
– Stacie Kyle

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