Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Update on Matilda

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Hello All at NEBTR!
Just wanted to give an update on my Matilda-whirl. She is doing great! She just celebrated her 7th birthday with her cousins on July 9th. She wore her party hat but didn't feel the same way about her friends wearing them, she might have took them off of them and tore them up! No hard feelings. Matilda has been such a light in my life and I'm not sure what I ever did without her. We're even adapting each others facial expressions, although I really can't get away with the big ginormous smile and tongue hanging out yet. She's one of the funniest dogs I know, and craziest. Although, it's hot now and we stay inside more than we're out, we've taken up running together and through that she's been my number 1 supporter in my weight loss journey. I just had her to the vet for some vaccinations and she does very well but needs to hide her face in my arm when the needle comes. They heard a faint heart murmur this time, which is new but did not seem overly concerned and said they will keep track of it. I would have never known, as Matilda has not skipped a beat and is the same happy dog day in and day out. She also has a growth on her gum, which we will be getting removed within the next month. Once again, they did not seem concerned but I am keeping a close eye on it. Anyway, I couldn't be happier with my best friend and companion. She truly has changed my life and made a little bit Boston obsessed.
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Matilda was adopted 4 years ago.   Elly Monfett was the wonderful foster Mom who found the perfect forever home for Matilda!

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