Monday, July 22, 2013

New Fosters Pugs and Leia





Well they have arrived and they are quite a joy.  Leia is three and acts her age.  Pugsley is 12 and doesn't look a day over 6 except for a tiny bit of grey around her eyes.  Both are utd on all of their shots.  They are both spayed and truly enjoy each other's company, just like sisters do.  They have adjusted well and are both good with other dogs, people and kids.  Pugsley is a little standoffish until she gets to know you.  Leia will play as long as you want to play with her.  We have to try and keep these girls together.  The first two pictures are of Pugs and the next two are of Leia.  The  last one is of the both of them. 


Linda Vermeylen

Thank you so much, Linda, for opening your home and heart to these beautiful girls!

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