Monday, July 22, 2013

Porter Has a Beauty Day



So Porter & Lola went to the Groomer today. They got full body massages, shampoos, ears cleaned, teeth brushed and nails clipped. (Lola got a sparkly blue mani/pedi!)

Since Porter does not like the car, we decided to fake him out. (Deb Dolan will appreciate this!). Amanda & I took both dogs for a quick walk around the block. My partner started up the truck and left the back door open. As we approached the truck we just kept the momentum and all jumped in and Deanna took off. We totally tricked him!!

He was much less anxious this time and I think he was also taking his cues from Lola. She will now have to be his Ambassador and accompany him everywhere!!

Look at this handsome boy after his bath!! He is so relaxed, silky soft & smells like blueberry cotton candy!!


Jennifer Hanly

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