Thursday, July 25, 2013

Update on Star

Star and Piper

Star was adopted by my sister and her boyfriend a few weeks ago.  She is a little Boston in disguise!  She has an older sister named Piper who is an American Bulldog.  Piper has welcomed Star with open paws and the two are getting along great.  Melissa and Eric call Star "Mini P" since she looks so much like Piper.  Melissa sent me the following message along with the attached photo:
"Star waiting for her first solo adventure with Dad. They're dropping the camper in Loudon for some NASCAR action this weekend then off to her first day at work at the brewery. No sampling for her, she'll be busy greeting vendors and keeping the crew company on breaks!"




I can't help but crack up at my sister and her Facebook posts about Star and her fur sister Piper!  I woke up this morning to this photo and Melissa's caption:
"Girls night out...they better be home by midnight...with the car!"
We're heading to NH next week before our move to Kwajalein Atoll.. can't wait to see the family and see Starbie Barbie girl!  We miss her but we're so glad she's found an awesome home with my sister and her boyfriend!

Pam Hess


Love these happy endings!

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