Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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Hi everyone! It's Sherry here! Just wanted to let you know how I am doing! I'm really loving life in my foster home! It's a bit different than I've been used to but I'm adjusting so quickly! My foster mom takes me on so many walks and there's so much to smell! Before I came here I only went outside to do my business once or twice a day and had papers inside for the other times, but my foster mom says I don't need those anymore. I only had one accident on the second day and I've been here almost 5 days now! The grass is so nice outside that sometimes I just like to plop down and spread out in it on our walks. I just love it! I can hear my foster brothers upstairs but I haven't met them yet.

I think my foster mom expected me to have a reaction when I hear them being loud upstairs or when I see them in the windows of the house when I'm on my walks because she heard that I don't like other dogs but I'm really not interested at all and just mind my own business and don't make a peep. I've seen a lot of new humans on my street and I'm a bit slow to approach them but boy after I do I just love everyone! I've even seen another tiny dog a few times going on a walk like me! He walked next to me once and after about 10 seconds of not taking my eyes off of him I didn't care anymore, I was just happy to be on a walk. I never even barked!

My foster mom is always telling me how great I'm doing and how sweet I am but I'm just being me! Well, it's time to do my other favorite thing and nap in this cushy bed burrowed under all these blankets! I have a vet appointment on Tuesday so ill keep you all updated! Bye friends!


Love, Sherry

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