Sunday, September 1, 2013

My First Day in Foster Care by Sunday Valentine


Sunday Valentine


Hi Everyone! I'm Sunday Valentine and I'm a thirteen year old Boston
Terrier. My family had to give me up because their human babies needed
extra love and care, but they got a great group of people to find me
a place to go! I met my new family last night. I don't see or hear
very well, but I can smell another BT here! I have a special place
just for me in the kitchen of my new house. Even though I don't have
my familiar people, I have my own food, water bowl, and my favorite
bed, so I know exactly where to sleep! I slept great last night.
Yesterday, my new foster momma took me out by my harness to get me used
to going across the deck to make my wees on the lawn, but today I went
out all by myself and got to sniff around and I did it! I went down
the steps to the lawn and did my business. I'm very proud of myself.
It's a good thing my nose still works great!
Well, today's adventure has tired my old bones out, and I have to go
lay down.
Love n licks,
Sunday Valentine


Sunday Valentine would especially like to thank Marjorie Young, her devoted foster Mom, for opening up her heart and home to her! 

It's so good to hear from you and to know that your foster mom is taking such good care of you.  It seems like you are settling in nicely - yay for you!! 

What a sweet little gal you are. And how lucky to have such a great new foster family to give you all the love & attention you need!!!

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