Monday, March 31, 2014

Coco Goes to the Vet

Coco went to the vet Thursday and had a very good check-up by Dr. Ferrari at Lehigh Valley Animal Hospital. Dr. Ferrari has two Bostons of his own so I was very happy to have him look at her. She was very alert and aggressive towards the other dogs in the waiting room, but nothing uncontrollable. Hopefully, we'll get to work on that!

He gave her a wellness checkup and came back with a clean bill of health! Coco is currently 15.6lbs and Dr. Ferrari said she is at a good weight. She has no eye, ear, hip, knee or teeth issues. She does not have a fever - which is a good sign for her kennel cough. Her kennel cough is still mild and mainly aggravated when going outside. We just finished the antibiotics from Brooklyn ACC so hopefully her symptoms will subside.

However Dr. Ferrari did notice 2 nodules in her mammary glands, which he recommend getting removed. Has anyone else experienced this with their BTs? He'll be giving me a quote for her spay and removal of the nodules on Monday.

Jeanine Sicinski

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