Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cal Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

With an absolutely shattered heart, my beloved Cal went to the bridge today. He was fine yesterday. Got up this morning and he was really lethargic. I picked him up and put him on my lap--he had a lot of bruising in his inguinal area. I knew something was very wrong. Got him to the ER and they took him back immediately. His temp dropped from 99 to 94 degrees in minutes, the bruising covered his entire abdomen. The blood work showed his RBCs were scant and he had no clotting factors. I decided to let him go. His chances were already slim but with his severe seizure disorder, I could not think about anything except him. He left this world in my arms, snuggled under my chin.

Cal was the last of the "PA Dogs" we took in around 6 years ago. Julie Klam, Diane L and I think Karen K were all blessed with these incredibly sweet, gentle dogs.

Run free, Caliban. You gave us so much more than we could ever give you.
Hug your pups an extra time tonight.

Our hearts are crying with you.  It is so hard to lose these babies that we have loved so much.  You gave him a wonderful life and so much love.  Run Free, Caliban, go play with the angels.

Cal was very loved and left this world knowing that.  What a lucky guy to have found you and you him.  Rest in peace Cal.

I am so sorry for your loss of Cal but he left knowing you loved him as you held him close. Run free little Cal

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