Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sunday Valentines says Thanks Jodi Gundersen & POOCHEYCHEF

Sunday Valentine here!  I might be getting on in years, and I don't see or hear...but I still have big pleasures in my life, thanks to NEBTR, my foster mama that moves my bed into the sun every day, and Jodi Gundersen who sent me the most AWESOME Easter basket!  As you can see, I was thrilled to wake up from my napping to crunch down on a delicious POOCHEYCHEF cookie!!  I'm going to have a special "SPRING" in my step today, thanks to the sun and all the yummy nutritious treats I got today.  
A special thank you for the extra treats for my foster sister Maggie, who dances like a circus dog for treats!  I can feel the vibrations in the floor when she gets excited!!  Chris Schezzini, you are awesome!!!!

Love and sloppy smooches XOXO 
Sunday Valentine

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