Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Foster Molly

Molly was surrendered to Lollypop Farm In NY in mid June.  They contacted Jerrilyn and said  they had a Boston/Chihuahua mix and hoped that NEBTR would take her, which she said yes!  When I picked her up she was scared to death of everything and everyone.  The girl in charge was so happy NEBTR took Molly as she was not sure if NEBTR would take her because she is a mix.  She was worried about Molly being safe as they were quite fond of her.

The top picture was taken by them in the shelter (you can see how scared she was) and the bottom one is after she became comfortable being with us (look at those ears!).  Molly literally did not know how to play with toys or other dogs (although they stated she lived with 3 other dogs on the surrender form).  She stayed separate from everyone and just watched.  We tried toys and she had no interaction with them.  We tried balls and she would run from them.

Then one day as they were all outside I threw a rubber duck in the kiddie pool and that was it!  She played with the duck, she played with my 2 Bostons, and she played and splashed in the pool!  Since that day she has gained more confidence and has  played with all the toys and gets along great with the other dogs in my house.  She loves to be chased and chase others.  We are still working on some of her fears and she is adjusting nicely.  Molly is a loving cuddly little 12 pound girl who hopes to find a forever home with people who will just adore her.

Christine Morse

Thanks so much for taking in this beautiful girl!  I know she is in the best possible hands with you! 

Thank you so much for helping Molly come out from the dark place she was in--in her mind. Sometimes it only takes a soft voice or gentle touch to help them along their way. It's terrible to see a dog so afraid she won't or doesn't even know how to play. I'm sure your other dogs are delighted to have her playing with them now. GREAT JOB!!!! - Bonnie

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