Friday, August 22, 2014

Buttons Barks for a Cause

You are familiar with the "Bucket Challenge", well someone has come up 
with a "Bark Challenge" and I've just made a video of one of the pups.
The challenge is easy so that everyone or any age can be involved. It 
involves taking a video of your dog barking (They can bark once or as 
long as 10 seconds as you don’t want to disturb your neighbors.) At the 
beginning of your video say your dog’s name, where you are from and what 
LOCAL rescue or no-kill shelter you are supporting, post that video to 
social media, and then nominate at least 3 others with dogs to do the 
same. Those who do the challenge are also asked to donate at least . $10 
or more to the rescue or shelter they support.
1--Make a video of your dog barking
2--Nominate at least 3 of your friends to do the same
3--Donate to your favorite rescue or shelter
It is that simple and anyone of age can get involved. Have fun making 
the video. If your dog doesn't bark, then have them beg, or roll over, etc.

Buttons challenged, Fudge fostered by Beth Powell McFadden, Doby 
fostered by Maria Pastuszak, and Buster Bear fostered by Bonnie Towner.

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