Sunday, August 17, 2014

Amos Helps Make Dog Toys

Well sort of helping darn bird keeps stealing my strips of T-shirts. I guess it's ok if that's all it takes to entertain my bird.

My first Vet Tech job was with an Avian vet.A lady brought 2-- 3 day old babies in the mom and dad had killed one. They had no idea how to hand feed so we took them in I hand fed the pair. She never came back for them so the vet kept one and I kept one. Amos is actually a girl but didn't know it way back then we just nick named them Amos and Andy. Amos will turn 29 yrs old this Sept I have had her all these yrs. My dogs have GREAT respect for her she is meaner than all get out to anyone but me, I can do anything with her.

Bonnie Towner

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