Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dexter Update - Handsome Alert!

What a wonderful boy this is and to think I almost let him go. I would like to reassure new Foster parents to not give up on these misunderstood pups. They need time to settle in. I'm learning it takes about a month to begin to see their true colors, and for our dogs to accept them.We have made a commitment to bring them into our homes and we must honor this commitment to not give up on them. It's not easy but well worth it. I'm happy to announce that Dexter has been introduced fully to our pack today! They ran around the yard like speeding bullets! Dexter also went to Petco today and was so well behaved. He is doing fine without his sis Rue. They needed very different living environments and I'm positive I made the right decision to separate them. I am updated daily by her new owners.  They are in love! Rue was also a true love as sweet as can be and she is loving all the attention just on her! We are going to have another tough parting when we find Dexter's perfect home :( but until then we will continue to soak up all this love he has to give. 

Hamilton Nj

He is SO GORGEOUS Kristin and what you wrote is so beautiful, and true. Thank you.

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