Friday, August 1, 2014

I just knew Buster Bear was awesome....

I took Buster for a walk with Scooby tonight. They have been trying to play through the crate for 3 days. No matter what one is in the crate they try to play together. After a half hour walk together I released them together in the yard. I kept a leash on Buster just in case so I would have some control. They both immediately went to get a drink and then the play time was on. No aggression what so ever from Buster or Scooby. In one of the pics you can see where they are facing off but just took off running thru the yard together to play catch me if you can and nothing happened at all. I then let Mandy out and as you see in the pics NOTHING they got along great. Buster Bear has no dog aggression so that makes me happy. I can now work on what I consider his just nervous reactions to people. I know quick movements make him nervous but we can work with that. People should be honest when they surrender dogs it would make our jobs as Fosters so much more easy. Oh Stacie I took a pic for you to show you he isn't scared anymore LOL.

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