Saturday, August 9, 2014

Max and Lacey Say Thanks

i am going to try and post pics of the gifts the fosters got in the mail. but for some reason, I always seem to have trouble. 

I just want to say thanks for the generosity!! These gifts are awesome!!  

Thanks to Sharon Culp for the cute pink rain poncho, Rachel Ray dog food, and the organic coconut oil. She also got treats for Lacey!! (if I missed something, I am sorry there was just so much stuff!!)

Thanks to Susan Mason for the Rachel Ray dog food, small crackle ball toy, and the braidz bear dog toy. ( I assume these were for Lacey?? It didn't specify who it was for).  But they both thank you!! ;)

Also Thanks to a local FB friend, Shelly Reese, who saw Max's list and got him him a life preserver, pet bowl dish set, (she got a dish set for Lacey too!!) and some toys! OMG!! These doggies are spoiled!! (as well they should be right??)

OH!!! Shelly also donated to Max's you caring fundraiser!!

One more gift came today, but I don't know who sent it, no packing slip was inside, but Lacey got herself her very own, brand new crate!! She has already slept in it! so this week has been A M A Z I N G for gift for the babes. and I can't thank everyone who got something for Lacey and Max 2!! You are all angels in our eyes!!

WHEW!! I think that's everything, ifIi missed something or someone please let me know. i do want to thanks everyone. I try to save all the paperwork that comes in the boxes, but sometimes it does'nt come with anything. 

I tried to take a picture with Lacey and her gifts, but she was less than cooperative. she doesn't sit still!! Max was sleeping outside!!

Christine M

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