Thursday, October 2, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! INDIANA BONES

Here he is! Indiana Bones! A super name for a super dog. Let's let his foster mom tell us about him...

Indiana Bones is a lovable guy that weighs about 25 pounds. His ears curl over backwards when he's relaxed, and perk straight up when he's "on alert." His coat is black, white, a little brindle, and a little gray. It's also wavy coat in places. He has a cute cork-screw tail that wiggles when he's happy and excited. He likes to relax near his person -- the closer, the better. He's also a good little alarm system. He will bark to sound an alert to someone approaching the house. He's not a yapper though. He sometimes barks at people coming to visit. Once given a treat or a pat on the head, he generally stops. He has a spot of black fur on the top of the white on his head and on the back of his neck (in the white ring of fur around his neck). Even though he has some gray around his eyes (he's 9), the vet feels he's in good health. He still has lots of love to give.

The vet says that his eyes and hips seem fine. He may have some minor allergies -- the whites of his eyes are a little red -- but not enough to require any medical products at this time. He is negative for heartworm and other parasites, he's neutered, and up-to-date on his rabies shot. Recent blood titers show that his past vaccinations are still protecting him from other diseases. He's on Sentinel to protect him from heartworm and fleas.

For most of the day Indiana Bones (also known as Indy) is a couch potato who loves to sleep on the couch nearby his person. He likes to reach with his paw toward my arm to remind me that he'd like more pats on the head or back. He also has his energetic moments -- especially when he gets the chance to run after a ball in the yard. Indy loves his soccer ball! He will nose the ball back to me and wait for me to kick the ball so he can dash after it. Although he can jump well--he's shown no interest in jumping the fence (but I did catch him on top of the dining room table once--not in a single bound--first the chair, then the table).

Indy gets along with male and female dogs, although he and Panda (my Boston) have gotten into a few tousles over a toy (sounded very grouchy, but no one was hurt) -- Panda won two out of three times. Because Indy growled at Panda when Panda got near Indy's food bowl, I feed the dogs in different rooms, separated by gates--which I take down as soon as they've finished eating--which only takes a few minutes. I then pick up the bowls to rinse them and open the gates--and have had no problems with feeding time since then. Because of my concern about the potential for a squabble over a treat or toy--I don't leave any food or toys in the common area where the dogs stay when I'm out of the house. He sits nicely for a treat (he likes MilkBones and Begging Strips Littles). He doesn't mind that Panda sitting right next to him will also get a treat.

Indy has had no experience with cats in his foster home, so his attitude toward cats is unknown.

Indy waits patiently on his spot on the couch for me to get home from work (I sometimes leave the TV on for the dogs). I often come home at lunch, but he sometimes has had to wait as much as 8.5 hours, which he has done without accidents. When he needs to go out, he barks to let me know. He doesn't usually spend a long time in the yard. Sometimes he likes to eat grass, which worried me at first--but he rarely gets sick afterward. He has not shown any tendency to dig in or under the fence in the back yard, nor has he made any "mad dashes" to escape. He seems content to stay in the yard. Sometimes he enjoys relaxing on my deck in the sun.

He gets very excited and barks to let me know he's delighted I'm home--nice to know he's happy to see me! He can be a little vigorous in his play. He needs a bit of work on not jumping up. Because of that, I would not recommend him for a home with young children. For example, in his interest in checking out my 5-year-old grandson, Indy began thoroughly sniffing him, then trying to jump up and greet him face to face--all in the spirit of fun (tail wagging), but the fact that he wouldn't get down when my grandson told him to, scared my grandson. I separated the two, and all was well.

Indy would be a perfect dog for someone who has a fenced yard and maybe an older child (or children), and another one or two dogs for company. It'd be great if someone at the house (9 or 10 year old, teen, or adult) who would "play ball" with him in the yard. It'd also be great if the person liked having a dog by his/her side on the couch. At bedtime, he would really like to sleep in bed with his person, preferably under the covers. Indy is currently being fostered in Newark, Delaware.

If you are interested in adopting Indiana Bones, please fill out an application on our website and comment below!

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wanderluster said...

We have two older kids and a soccer ball waiting for you if you pick us, little guy!