Friday, October 3, 2014

Pretty Penny - Former Foster

Hello everyone, 

I had to share. Penny has officially accepted 2 more children into her life. For those of you who don't know, Penny used to launch and bark at children  and it looked like she wanted to eat them alive. She was traumatized by her previous life. We welcomed Penny into our home as a foster last December 22nd and we couldn't bear to see her go so we adopted her. Last Christmas she could not be in the same room as my grandson without going totally crazy and now they are best friends.  This weekend we had 2 kids visit and the pictures below speak for themselves.  Also Brady was suppose to be adopted by a family without children and he is amazing with them also.
We happy with our NEBTR Bostons and eternally grateful to all of you! Thank you for so much happiness

Penny  is the one on the left in the second picture
Brady is on the right on picture 3 and picture 1
God bless you and keep you all!
Ana Cecere
Long valley, nj

 Thank you Ann, for opening your heart and home!

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