Monday, March 3, 2014

Brewtus Update (BIO)

Hi everyone! I see that many are asking about Brewtus! I just wanted to post an update on him to give potential adopters more information on this cutie and the things he really needs in a forever home! 

Brewtus is a two year old Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix and has quite the personality! He is full of energy and loves to play! Therefore, he requires a lot of time and attention in order to burn off some of that energy so he doesn't get into trouble at home. He is good on a leash and loves going on walks and car rides. His other favorite thing to do is cuddle and sleep after a long day of playing with his humans! 

Brewtus still has a few things he's working on. He can be very demanding and wants to be with you at all times, including in the bed with you at night. In his foster home, he sleeps in his crate at night, since mom has another resident Boston Terrier that has to be kept separate from Brewtus, since they are both alpha males. So that may answer a few other questions... Brewtus has a past of not getting along with other male dogs so sorry guys, no male buddies for Brewtie! He did have a female companion in the past but we haven't made it to the point of seeing how he does with new ones. So as of right now, I'd suggest a home with no other pets. The major thing any potential adopter needs to pay special attention to is their home. Brewtus will eat anything and everything he can find, edible or not. 

 Brewtus is a true sweetheart!! He really just wants to spend all day with you and have all of your love and attention, he just needs little reminders that he does not run the house.  He is a gorgeous boy who has me laughing all day long and I have no doubt he will find the perfect forever home that meets his needs! Thank you everyone!

I think Brewtus has a career in modeling....what do you think?! 

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