Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Remembering Buggs

Buggs was my absolute favorite foster. The bottom picture was the one I saw of him taken at the shelter. Jim was dispatched pronto to go pick him up. He was 15 years old with Congestive Heart Failure. As the shelter worker handed him to Jim, she said she didn't think he would make it through the night. Neither did we. We got him to the vet- grade 5 heart murmur out of 6. He was put on 3 different heart medications and with a lot of tweaking he was around for 5 more enjoyable months.

Picture taken a few hours before he passed away. Can you tell I was a bit partial to him?

Beth McFadden

So cute, I remember that picture. He decided to take over your laundry. It's the ones like Bugg, to me, are the true meaning of rescue. The ones that are unadoptable but are still given the opportunity live out whatever time they have left in a home, comfortable and loved and not alone in a cold shelter.

I have to smile because your email is proof that he finally got what he deserved at the end. A home that would cry when he passed because he was loved and will always remember and miss him.

Jodi Groff

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