Thursday, March 6, 2014

Louie Plays With a Huge Ball

Hey all, so I get home today from work, and my husband tells me the funniest thing. I just have to share. Now first, you must know that Louie is a bit obsessed with his ball. Any ball, really. He plays with a ball by himself, He likes fetch a lot, but if no one will play with him, he will bark at his ball. And if it rolls under things, he barks at it. Im working on teaching him to sit when he wants his ball instead of barking like a nut, btw. Alright. So my husband has a large excercise ball he uses in place of a chair sometimes. Louie noticed that though it was large, this was still a BALL. apparently he began to bark at it, tried to put it in his mouth, and chased it around as best he could. Of course it is pretty big, full of sand, and he is small, so it didnt work very well, but he gave it his best! I only wish my husband had recorded this! He actuallt had ro hide the ball in another room lol Have a great night, everyone! Erin

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