Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Princess Nala Update

It's been a little over a month since Nala was rescued from her previous hoarding situation. The vet thinks she is about 7 yrs old. She has a perpetual puppy face and floppy ears so it's easy to forget that she is the oldest dog in the house!

When she got here, she was super skinny, and had hair loss due to flea infestation. She was lethargic and pretty much slept all day for the first few weeks.
She has put on a few pounds since but she has also gained some muscle tone and has started filling out. She is trying to play with the other dogs but she is still learning. Her fur is also growing back in. She has some very pretty brown flecks in there!

She has such a sweet, passive personality.  She loves people and other animals. As soon as she sees another dog, she walks right up and gives them a kiss. Then she steals all of their toys. Not aggressively, though, just very sneaky! She has no problem with grooming at all. In fact my daughter even painted her nails a pretty pink color and she just sat there and enjoyed being pampered.

I was having an issue potty training her at first because she was so afraid to go outside. I kept taking her out for a few mins every day and she would stand by the door and shake. Suddenly, one day, she ran out with the other dogs and did her business and that was it. After that, accidents in the house have become far and few between. I need to schedule her spay and work on some basic commands and I think she will be ready to go to her forever home very soon!

Canonsburg, PA

What a difference in the before and after pictures! She is a lucky lady to have you as her foster mom. Love her nails, the color is super perfect for her :-)

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Unknown said...

I live in Washington and have been around Bostons most of my life I have a 6 y/o rescue now that has helped my heart from the loss of my 11y/o boston suddenly. If you are looking for a furever home for her I would love to give her one. I had to train my rescue to pee pee potty outside it was a choir but one from the heart.