Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ruby Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Jill Zanetich Dunn:

I want to thank everyone for all the warm condolences. Those of you from NEBTR might remember Ruby was my first foster(failed foster) she came to us from a wicked woman who kept her in a small cage in her her garage. Ruby was an oddly shaped Boston. Crocked legs and bowed back. I am sure from that cage and had injuries to her legs that were not taken care of. She stole our hearts the minute she stepped into our house. Ruby's spirit was not broken. She had the heart of a lion! She loved running up and down our steps in the house and helped to build up her muscles in her legs. But from all the old injuries Ruby delveloped arthritis in all four legs. This last year she also was diagnosis with Cushings and could not tolerate the meds. Ruby lived a happy life with us her and we loved her dearly. I made a promise that she would never suffer one day and even know I was not ready to lose her, she was ready. Run free and fast my girl!

Our sympathy to you, Jill and family.  We are so sorry to hear about Ruby.  she sounds like a terrific girl and a very lucky one to have had you as her family. Sending hugs to you.

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