Monday, March 3, 2014

Tinsel is Adotped

Hi all! Tinsel was adopted last night at lightning speed by Carol Horsford. Carol filled out the paperwork, I went over her meds, she scooped her up and was out the door! She was absolutely sure she was the dog for her! She drove nearly 6 hours total to retrieve her! It was so fast we forgot to take pictures! Hopefully we get some updates soon!

My house is very quiet with only two dogs, I have lots of extra time in the morning without all the medications, but my bed felt very cold in the middle where her little furry cone face used to be. I miss her already!

Erin Sullivan

Erin is great to work with.  She was the yin to my yang on this foster.
Not to mention that the name TINSEL will always remind us of the sweetest dog, with the best disposition we
ever had the pleasure to foster. :)

Chris Cassner

Tinsel in her forever home....first night after a LONG drive home. :)!  Doesn't she look comfortable!  Thanks to much to her foster moms Chris and Erin for loving and rescuing this little beauty!  What a great job you have done with Tinsel!

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