Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thanks to Baxter and Rachel for the Generous Donation

 Rachel sent out this plea on her "Go Fund Me Site":

"On January 25th, Baxter received his routine vaccinations and within 10 minutes went in to anaphylactic shock and nearly died. He collapsed and had a dangerous drop in blood pressure, problems breathing, and began vomiting several times. Later, his face swelled up with hives. Baxter received lifesaving emergency care.

A week later, Baxter began to vomit and have diarrhea and could not keep food down which again required emergency medical care. The steroids he was on still from the anaphylactic shock had given him ulcers, which required even more medicine and a bland diet.

Baxter has since struggled to transition back to a regular diet, which as lead to even more medicine. Due to the anaphylactic shock and the bland diet, Baxter has lost nearly 20% of his body weight. His spine and ribs are visible which is heartbreaking to see.

Baxter is well known in the Boston Terrier Instagram community as @hawkeye04. His goofy antics and funny faces bring a smile to everyone’s face. He is my whole world and lights up any room. I just want my goofy Baxturd back more than anything.

Unfortunately, the vaccine manufacture will not pay for Baxter’s medical bills because they cannot “prove” it was their vaccine that caused the reaction. It is very hard for me to let down my pride and ask for money. It’s the last thing I want to do, however, this has been emotionally, financially, and physically draining. His total vet bills are now at $955.95 (2 emergency vet visits, 3 regular vet visits all within 2.5 weeks time), so I am not asking to cover them all, I just need a little help so I can keep my head above water. If he cannot gain the weight back soon we will have to go back to the vet, so there may be more vet bills to come.

Thank you everyone so far for you kind words and support. This has been so hard and it is great knowing we have a “family” out there, even though we’ve never met. I wish I could repay each and every one of you in some way."

Thankfully, Baxter recovered from his orderal.  Through the generosity of her Internet friends, Baxter's medical bills were more than covered.

And Baxter and Rachel are "paying this forward."  She writes, "I cannot take any credit for this money. My Boston Terrier, Baxter, had medical bills so I did a GoFundMe cam paign. My awesome Instagram & Facebook "family" raised more than enough to cover his bills. So I'd like to donate the leftover money to help Boston's in need. Thank you for all you do! -Rachel (@hawkeye04 on Instagram)"

They donated the amazing sum of $600!  This will go to help our seniors Chica and Molly, and all of our other Bostons who will have medical needs.  Don't forget to stop by his Instagram page to say thanks!  It's @hawkeye04.  We are all overwhelmed by your generosity!

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