Friday, August 15, 2014

Update on Oscar

In June we had him 4 years. He is the sweetest, smartest, most affectionate and definitely FUNNIEST dog we've known. He used to pop right up on the table when we got him. He is agile like a cat! He knows he is not supposed to do that, but occasionally he loses his mind and does it again. We had 50 people here for my 50th birthday last year. For the end of the evening, desserts were on the table and he was nearby whimpering occasionally all night.When Karl and I walked our last guests to the door at 3 AM, we heard a crashing sound. We came upstairs to find him standing on the table eating cake! He's so darn cute you can't stay mad at him!

At night he makes his rounds. He always starts out in a little nest he makes in our 13 year old's room. Sometime during the night, he comes into our bedroom and either goes in his bed, or when it is colder he gets in between the 2 of us.He ia quite a sweet little snuggler. He knows the sound of our cars and it is so heartwarming to find him in the window waiting when w pull in the driveway. We still crate him if no one is home and he destroys all dog beds/mats.Momma keeps buying him new ones! He destroys dog toys in under 5 minutes. Luckily, he only destroys his own stuff and not ours.

Oscar has food allergies and we keep him on special food. He LOVES fruits and begins so I always share with him since I can't give him chicken or meat. He can smell a banana from the other end of the house! He gets a KOng when he is crated with frozen sweet potato and loves it. He can hear a bag of potato chips being rustled from anywhere in the house. His special time with Daddy is sharing chips in front of the TV together.We are head over heels in love with this dog.

Sadly, Oscar's sheltie brother Bluey has cancer. we have known since February. He has good days and bad. Right now, he has had a few bad days in a row and we are sad at the thought of saying good-bye. We hope to add another BT in the future.

Thank you for saving him! We can't imagine anyone giving him up. He is so special. We are grateful to NEBTR and also Beth and Jim McFadden for fostering him.

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Patty and Karl

Patricia Ubellacker

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