Saturday, June 28, 2014

Louie and the Lobster

ook how excited he is about his gifts! Thank you!

At first, Louie doubted his abilities. For just a moment, he wondered. Was he too old for a fight such as this? Past his prime, long in the tooth? He thought about everything he has been throught of how far he has come. The hurdles he has already overcome.

He approached with caution... after all, the lobster is a sizeable and worthy foe armed with heavy claws and triple chewguard layers.

No. Louie is stronger than he has ever been. His diet of raw meat, coconut oil,  and strict exercise regimen has turned him into a lean, mean, toy destroying machine.

He attacked! With the vigor of a young pup, Louie shook and jumped, from the left and the right! 
The lobster was stalwart in his defense of his fluffy innards, and bravely fought long and hard. The armored crustacean held its own, his double stitched seams held sturdy and resilient against the tenacious attempts of his fellow combatant to rip him limb from limb, and ultimately a draw was called.
Naps were taken. 

Water was consumed in vast amounts.

Plans were made for their mutual destruction at a later time. It is, after all, nearing his bed time.
Thank you, generous supporter, Louie had a wonderful and exciting evening.

Louie is soooo adorable, love that face.

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Anonymous said...

Yayy! We are so glad he got his gifts and loves them! Thank you for all you do and keep those videos coming!