Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Say a Prayer for Zorro

A few weeks ago I brought Zorro in to the vet for a checkup.  I had the vet look at a lump on Zorro's chest. She took a sample of it and looked at it under the microscope  and said that it is a mast cell tumor that needs to be removed. She also detected a low heart murmur, so I took him to a cardiologist at Penn to check his heart since he has to go under anesthesia. He was cleared for surgery.

I dropped him off this morning at the vet for his surgery with his favorite blanket. I cried saying goodbye to him!! I am going to be a nervous wreck at work today until I get a phone call!

Please say a little prayer for my little 16.8 pound Zorro! Thanks!



Unknown said...

Prayers sent; good luck today Zorro!

Unknown said...

Prayers and Healing Vibrations!!

Unknown said...

Good Luck Zorro! Be safe.