Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Myrtle Update

Hi all, wanted to give a quick update on little Myrtle-who was turned into a shelter when her sick owner could not care for her anymore.  We were at the vet last week and we are trying to figure out her skin issues-she is on a raw rabbit diet to see if that helps at all.  She also has a hematoma on her ear, severe luxating patellas, a yeast infection, elevated white blood cell count, anemia, and an enlarged heart with murmur.  We have a cardiologist appt later today to see what we need to do about her heart.  She is such a sweet loving little girl who just wants to be curled up in my lap all day.  She gets along great with my other 3 dogs and at times is even playful with them.  She is unsure what to think of the yard, so I wonder if she has never seen grass before-or maybe it just irritates her itchy skin. Here are some pictures of her and I will update after the appt tonight....

Carrie Leigh Paul (Cranmer) & Myrtle

I thinks I sees a ghost here......anybody else see it??

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