Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Shelter Foster Harry

Carrie Cranmer will be picking up "Harry" today and bringing him to Erin and Katie.

Harry has been at the Camden, DE shelter since June 8 and was found as a stray. He has some sort of skin condition but they have ruled out mange.

Here is what they say: He came in on June 8 as a stray. He has been started on antibiotics for skin and URI. He needs a dermatophyte culture to rule out ringworm. Has had Vectra applied topically for fleas, bathed in Lime sulfur, and miconazole applied topically to lesions. Nice temperament.

Many many thanks to Erin and Katie for taking a chance on this poor boy and to Carrie for pulling him and providing support to Erin and Katie regarding skin issues. It takes a village!

Here's what Carrie says:

"I went to pull the stray BT (now named Harry) at the SPCA in Camden DE yesterday-and wow what a handsome guy he is!!!! He was such a well behaved dog, a bit scared, but just a complete love.  Anyway, I took him to his foster home with Erin and Katie in DE, and here is a video of him happy to be on grass again."

It's these simple things, that make you smile and be proud to be a member of NEBTR.
Thanks for sharing, Carrie.  And special thanks to Erin and Katie for being his saviors and for taking on this super urgent, beautiful shelter boy!

Harry your life is gonna change now..... For the better!!!

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