Saturday, June 28, 2014

Velvet and Her Puppies

I was asked to go get T from the shelter to foster.  I did.  Then about a week later I got a friend request on FB from this woman I didn't know. Then I saw she posted on NEBTR FB asking for help with her pregnant Boston.  So I messaged her, and came to find out that she was the one who took T to the shelter, and after watching his NEBTR postings,  and seeing how happy he was, she wanted to give me her pregnant Boston as well.  She is losing her home and needed to find homes for her dogs.  AND as it turned out she also surrendered her other dog Fudge today along with Velvet and the pups, who Beth McFadden is fostering now.  As it turns out Velvet is the mother dog of both T and Fudge.  (We aren't sure who dad is, but he's reported to be a Chihuahua mix)

Ya just never know how things will turn out when you do one good turn.  :)  And thanks especially to their former owner, who did the right thing and placed her dogs with rescue when she lost her home.

I know you all want to see the puppies. There are 4 of them. Three males and one female. The female is the black pup with a white chest. :) They were born last night at 5pm. So instead of picking up a pregnant
Boston, I picked up the whole family. lol

Mom's name is Velvet. She is a 4 year old Boston that checked out fine at the vet's office. As did the pups. :)

Velvet is still a little tense, as you can imagine. Being taken from her home, separated from her pups for the drive. Then to see a vet lady that looked her all over.

But she's a trooper. She's busy nursing all 4 pups right now. Long day, but everyone is safe and sound in the whelping box in a room away from all the household activity The next time we see the vet is 7 weeks from now.

I promise to take better photos....I wanted to get them home and nursing, so a better photo shoot will be coming soon.

All the puppies as well as Velvet will be up for adoption.  We have to ween them and do all that important growing up stuff first, but then when deemed safe, they will be up for adoption. :)

Chris & T & Velvet & A & B & C & D

How awesome!  Great job, Chris!!!!  They are precious!

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