Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Louie is Better and Feels Like a Million Bucks

Louie is on his way to the vet to see if his eye injury has healed.  Louie has learned that the specialist pokes him in the eye. So we started getting him his own bacon when we stopped for coffee on the way to our apoointment. I think it made us ALL feel better :)

 And here's the great news!  The vet said it is all better, and NO MORE CONE!  NO MORE MEDS!

Louie slept great and woke up feeling like a million bucks today! He is finally getting back to his old self. To prove it (maybe to himself), he destroyed 2 stuffed toys before breakfast! Some of it may be just for show...I did see him looking longingly at Wade's food dish while he munched his raw rabbit kibble.
But time heals all things, and I have no doubt that Louie will be ready to get back in the game very soon!

Erin Sullivan

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