Sunday, May 18, 2014

Update on BamBam

I thought I should send a quick update and a couple of photos.  He's so handsome and looks so healthy it is hard to believe he has heartworm disease.  As far as settling in here he is making daily progress.  Today while I was cleaning his crate I guess I forgot that he doesn't like to be touched and I started scratching his neck.  Thankfully he was ok with that so maybe he's starting to relax the no touching rule.  This morning when our Rex woke up, BamBam was happy to see him and sniffed him all over.  That's the first real interest BamBam has shown in our dogs.  Until this morning he was content to watch them from across the yard.  This afternoon he came up to the kitchen a few times and hung around for a few minutes each time.  When he gets nervous he goes back to his crate.  The heart worm meds do make him pee a lot so we're trying to get on a good schedule for him to go out.  He has a great trick of being able to pee in his water bowl!  I guess he had a lot of practice.  He loves the yard and he loves his crate so life is good for him right now.  You can see the pull in him to be a part of the family and yet he's still too afraid.
In one picture he is looking in from the deck and deciding if he wants to come in.
Fort Washington, PA

Thank you Janice for your patience and loving care for this boy. He sure is handsome!

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